Turnkey projects

When we have the mandate to do interior renovations at a client's house, we look at all these aspects to make sure the project runs smoothly.

  • Needs
  • Taste
  • Budget
  • Investment for resale in the future
  • Time

Once all these aspects are well established, the communication is clear and the objectives too. The contractor has the role of project leader, performing several steps and ensuring that the quality and conformity of the work are done in accordance with construction standards. Interior renovation is a title for projects of different sizes.

  • Major renovation (demolition, restructuring of interior divisions)
  • Redevelopment of rooms in your house
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Basement finish
  • Water damage or disaster recovery
  • Change floors (hardwood, heated, floating, ceramic)
  • Interior finish (woodwork, stairs, painting, moldings, wardrobe storage)

Whatever your project, we have a very wide range of products that we sell and are available at our showroom open by appointment. We can also install the products provided by the customer. We can realize turnkey projects or at the stage that the customer wants. We adapt according to the customer's requests.

Call us for a free quote! You can make your turnkey projects at the stage that the customer wants. We adapt to the customer's requests.Call us for a free quote!

Bathroom renovations

Kitchen renovations

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